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Concept of our airline

When you were a child, did you paint color boxes on a card board to simulate a space ship cockpit? When you were a teenager, did you imagine you invite your girlfriend to a flight high above the clouds? Now, you're grown up - and what do you imagine now?

Our answer is dESPair.

dESPair is a virtual airline. At least sort of. We are a group of (armchair-) pilots who share the passion of flight simulation, and we combine the software simulation with an all surrounding role-playing game atmosphere.

dESPair is a group of flying nomades, following the wind, and always magically appearing where we are needed in this world. We do not care about collected miles and accumulated hours, but we care about friendship, about partnership and about the whereabout of our fellow dESPairados.

We have built our world around the flight simulator software X-Plane by Laminar research. We build our own scenery, tools, aircraft and stuff - all in the glory of our overall mission: flying where no one else has been flying before.

Each one of our pilots is a personality, not only a roster number. Each of our aircraft has a story, a face, a soul. We treat them like we treat our friends: with utmost respect and kind spirit.

Our files are not the most excellent visual products available for this sim. If you are looking for the best downloadable items, you're on the wrong pages... but all dESPairados have an impressive imagination - and this is the key to our (internal) success.

Read the aircraft stories and visit the mission diaries, and you will understand.

If you are interested in becoming a dESPairado, visit the Job section.

If you would like to create your own airline in best dESPair style, then we have a good starter set ready for you (soon).

Thanks for stepping by


Facts & Rumours

A virtual airline
We fly with the sim
software X-Plane,
and we understand us
as flying nomads rather
than charter pilots.

A role-playing

dESPair is a role-playing
game settled in the
world of flying aces.

plays a much bigger
role than hierarchy.
All dESPairados have
unique personalities,
functions and roles,
yet we feel and act
as one group of