Transport / Cargo flights

You name it, we move it. dESPair operates various aircrafts, all capable to handle almost any cargo you might want to transport.

Classic cargo
dESPair is your widely renowned partner for transports of precious cargo just in time and to virtualy any destination, any time under
any conditions. You named it - we move it!

Living goods
dESPair is ready and equiped to fly animals under save and
ethicaly proper circumstances. From a cow rescue mission to the
transport of 15'000 oil smeared birds : you name it - we move it!

Dangerous goods
Renowned and respected: Our company is the only carrier allowed to transport dangerous goods (in all classes of the aGony-scale: De - Ad) around the whole world. We reached this level of international confidence, because at dESPair Ltd. all goods are flown by a specially skilled and trained crew, by the world most secured and best equiped aircraft.
We move it - even if you can't name it!

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Reservations & Booking: